HB2 VSCO Theme – Don’t Act Like a Stranger

HB2 VSCO Filter:

A dark yet warm semi-fade filter ideal for evening photography. If you organise the photos well it can make for a beautiful contrasting effect.

Exposure: Generally, around -3. As with most filters, this is the first setting with to toggle to get the photos to match.

Contrast: -2. Toggle here as well if needed.

Saturation: Around -2. Toggle here too, but you probably won’t have to.

Temperature: I left mine at +3 for all the photos. Gives it that lovely warm tinge.

Tint: +6 for all the photos. This was my first time playing with the tint function and I love it!

Theme background:

I wanted something for my darker/evening photos. Because a lot of them had some saturated tones that are warm and orangey (as seen with the candle and sunsets) I decided to play with that, and so this theme was born.

The name “Don’t Act Like a Stranger” is song-inspired and comes from Cathedrals. I found this song on Apple Music which has an “Alternative Hits” playlist they update now-and-then. I’d highly recommend adding it if you’re in need of new music!

See the final outcome on my Instagram, @inHeinzsight.

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