A6 VSCO Theme – Around U

A6 VSCO Filter:

A complete white-wash filter ideal for an Instagram theme. The extremely high exposure allows the photo to be any colour if its background remains plain. Ideal for photos with a solid wall or the sky as a background.

Exposure: Generally, above 4. This is the first setting to toggle with to get the photos to match.

Contrast: 4.5. Toggle here as well if needed.

Saturation: Generally, lower than -5.5. Toggle here too, but you probably won’t have to.

Temperature: I left mine at -3.8 for all the photos.

Theme background:

I’ve been wanting to do a white-wash filter for some time. A co-worker @marnhey has something similar, and @lizakoshy served for inspiration. The problem was that I didn’t have enough white background photos and no time to take any – so I took all my leftover photos and threw them into VSCO. Eventually, I figured if I made the exposure and contrast high enough they all had to match, and they did.

The name ‘Around U’ derives from a new song favourite from Muna. Check it out here.

See the final outcome on my Instagram, @inHeinzsight.

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