Attain Health Not Beauty:

I was featured in the Wapad, the North-West University‘s Potchefstroom Campus student newspaper. Read my article here or read the entire edition online on Issuu.

Health not beauty

The text reads:

Beauty standards around the world are going through a revolutionary process due to the growth in the amount of people questioning the norms of society. This is partly due to mass media (which initially created these standards) which has allowed for an increase of alternative voices and alternative media in general –previously mainstream pop culture was the selling point of media outlets, but thanks to an increase in sensationalism the weird and wonderful gets exposure. This increase in alternative media has given free-thinkers the platform to spearhead the questioning of societal norms – this along with celebrities getting social-media attention by discussing controversial topics has resulted in the revolution we see today in beauty standards.

My question is: will body positivity result in a healthy beauty ideal – or will it result in a different ideal but remain unhealthy?

I’m all for body positivity – if you fall on the healthy spectrum: A spectrum based on science and medicine, not one constructed by Victoria’s Secret models or photoshopped magazine covers. Therefore if your weight is healthy but not the beauty ideal, I am all for your body positivity. Every woman deserves to be confident no matter their build, and you are welcome to be confident in the unhealthy category too – however you must also accept that you are unhealthy and are at risk of several quails related to being unhealthily overweight; overweight based on medical standards, not what other people tell you.

I’m not going to speech anyone about the health risks associated with being overweight – but what I will say is don’t let the beauty ideal that society sets bring you down. You don’t need to fit into a category like skinny, thin, curvy, fat, etc. because this spectrum is crafted based on unrealistic standards –standards that you don’t need to conform to.

Our problem with society today is that we seek beauty and not health. We should exercise to be healthy and not to impress others.



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