Don’t Wait For Your Big Break – Make It Happen

I have days I am welcomed by this feeling like my life is on the verge of a breakthrough, some sort of significant change that’ll rock my insignificant monotonous life, and then it just never happens.

And today I woke up, bliss with this feeling again, and then just as soon as the rush came it left me with this feeling of recognition knowing that this isn’t my first taste, and spent the day preparing myself for the aftertaste.

Then the epiphany. A moment of inspiration met with the raw feeling of “take that” from the universe.

Why must my big break come to me? Why do I need to wait for the circumstances around me to change and make a significant impact when I could simply create my own change? As insignificant as I may feel, I have the ultimate power over my own life.

So this is my message of right now to the world:
Make the difference you want to feel in your life, don’t depend on someone else to. Take your life by the wheel, put the gear in drive and go for it like it’s a race to the finish. Get the drive to get the experiences you want, make the change you need and don’t hit the brakes until you get your breakthrough.


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